Expanding the Definition of “It” Girl

Part of what I do as a digi-socio trend analyst is connect the dots.

I simply can’t help it. I love doing it, and I excel at it.  Sometime people get it immediately, sometimes it takes them a while; but they always arrive at the same point eventually.  Case in point, I recently pitched a supposedly edgier-than-thou, left-of-center digital ‘zine (read:  not that edgyl if it includes a post how Beyonce is a master of her game.  I think we know this already, so I’m not certain how unique that post is, but I digress….) about contributing a piece about the rise of who I’m seeing as the new “It” girl.

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Wearables Watch – The Hijack


“Hijacked: How Wearables Will Further Erode Hierarchy Via 3 Key Aspects”

The following is a re-post from my recent piece for Twitter’s invitation-only writer’s platform:  Medium –

From Google Glass to the upcoming iWatch and much more, we’ve been reading quite a bit about the advent of wearables and their stunning capabilities. Indeed, many of us seem rather poised and ready for wearables to be the next “big thing.” In fact, the wearable concept is not all that new given the fact that some say the Sony Walkman from back in the day falls into such a category. But how ready are we, really, for Wearbles 2.0?
Early pop culture reaction to the new school of wearables has included everything from minority speaker of the House of Representatives recently asking a journalist what’s with Google Glass during a press conference to the infamous “Saturday Night Live” skit parodying the seeming awkwardness of the search titan’s product to fashionistas waiting with baited breath for what could be a slew of chic Apple wearables that will be introduced and overseen by none other than the former CEO of Yves Saint Laurent. New means opportunity to some, dread and fear to many. (In fact, wearables are so new that, of

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