Pondering Interplay of 3D Printing, Fashion and New Social Consciousness

One of the most active  companies on the new 3D printing scene today is Shapeways.  If you check out their Instagram on any given day,  you might catch a quick shot of model Coco Rocha stopping by their offices, behind-the-scenes with notable Dita Von Teese posing in a 3D printed dress or a preview of a printed piece of jewelry from designer Kimberly Ovitz.  I had the the opportunity to speak with Duann Scott at Shapeways recently in order to get a deeper understanding of 3D printing and its impact on fashion and how its philosophy just may be reflective of/complimentary my research on the rise of the individual voice in our society. Analog fabrication versus digital –  here’s a Q&A peek at part of our conversation:

LdC: I’m so excited to talk with you because I think what you are doing is really hot.  You seem to be bringing the Continue reading